Nevada Hay Connection

SELLING high QUality, Nevada Grown Hay Since 1981


Located in Diamond Valley, a farming community just outside the historic town of Eureka, NV, Mark Moyle Farms and Nevada Hay Connection have been growing and selling award winning hay since 1981.

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1560 Keg Street, Diamond Valley, Eureka, NV 89316




All products listed on this website are available and can be purchased by contacting Mark Moyle directly at (775) 761-4725 







Orchard Grass


Contact- Mark Moyle

Phone:  (775) 761-4725 or (775) 867-4500

Email: nhc.moyle@gmail.com


Why choose Nevada Hay Connection for your hay purchasing needs?


How do you maintain the quality of your product?


We are committed to customer satisfaction and selling high quality hay. After almost 40 years in the hay business, we know the importance of doing things right. As a result, our award winning hay can be found at racetracks, dairy barns, thoroughbred breeding farms and feed stores around the world.


We control for weeds and pests during growth, and carefully monitor crop moisture and maturity during harvest. All of our hay is barn stored.

What size bales do you sell?



Do you offer shipping?


Horse Hay: We sell three string, 95# bales, Dairy Hay: We sell 3x4x8 feet, 3/4 ton bales



We can sometimes offer shipping based on your location and the quantity of hay purchased. For east coast purchases, we can haul around 18 tons (around 360 small bales). For west coast shipments we can haul up to 25 tons (512 small bales or around 35 big bales).


Do you have any distributors in states other than Nevada?

Yes. We have distributors in Georgia, New York, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky. 


New York